Trampoline Gymnastics

Our after-school trampoline gymnastics program gives participants a fun, social and active way to learn or progress their trampolining and gymnastics skills.

The program encourages participants to learn, explore and test their abilities in a safe and unique environment. Our structured programs combined with our professional and engaging staff will support participants to ensure they have a safe, fun and active experience. Each 9-week term-based program is broken into three discrete blocks – jumping, twisting and rotation. Each block is designed to build on the last, exposing the participant to new movements only after mastering staged fundamental steps in gymnastics and aerial awareness.

Each term runs for 9 weeks*. In week one to three participants will be graded and assigned to an appropriate level and coach to match their current skills and experience, for this reason, unfortunately, trials cannot be booked after week three of term.

This program is suitable for students aged 5+.

*Victorian centres will run a condensed 6 week program for Term Four

Level 1-2, Foundation Skills

These levels focus on developing fundamentals like strength, coordination and aerial awareness. Learn how to perform basics skills in a safe manner, forming sound technique to put you in good stead for future levels. Examples of skills covered at these levels include straight jumps, tuck jumps, sumo rolls, three-quarter salts (developed participants) and backdrop shape development.

This level suits participants with, at most, recreational experience on trampolines.

Level 3-4, Advanced Skills

Level three and four builds on the fundamental skills acquired in levels one and two. Participants can expect to be challenged and learn a more advanced range of gymnastics skills.

This level suits participants with some formal training in gymnastics or trampolining.

Level 5-7, Supa Sick Skills

We will qualify and prepare participants that prove ready for this Supa Skills level.