Quiet Hour

Low Sensory Hour at Supa!

We aim to provide a SUPA fun experience to everyone who walks through our doors, but we understand that some of our Supa Fans can find their visit to Supaworld somewhat overwhelming. Our low-sensory hour offers a more pleasant visit to those who may experience sensory overload when visiting us.

During this hour, we have minimal lighting throughout the centre, turn off all music, radio and television screens, minimise PA announcements (with the exception of emergencies) and have our friendly Airguards throughout the centre ready to help our Supa fans have an awesome time! Because that’s what it’s all about, right? We also turn off any arcade games during this time (because they move around and can be a little noisy!) we hope you understand – but you’re welcome to come back and play them another time!

We know that many of our Supa friends, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, enjoy the activities we have to offer, so this “Quiet Hour” aims to provide them with the optimal environment for doing so. We will reduce all distractions and noise as much as possible during this hour so that everyone can enjoy their time with us!

Quiet Hour Admission

Students $15

Under 5s $10

Quiet Hour
Quiet Hour
Quiet Hour

Quiet Hour Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I arrive?

Quiet Hour will be set up ten minutes before your start session – this means that everything will be turned off at this time. If you do happen to arrive before this time, please be aware that the park will still be functioning as usual – although, you are still welcome to enter if you wish.


Do parents need to pay?

Parents are welcome to supervise for free. However, parents who wish to join in on the jumping, climbing and general play will have to pay an entry fee. Carers who present a Companion Card can participate free of charge (this is valid anytime at Supaworld, not just during Quiet Hour!) however, as per our park rules, anyone jumping must wear grip socks.


How much is entry?

Children aged 5 and under $10

Students $15

Note: Carers with a companion card do not need to pay to participate.


Will you open more Quiet Hour session times in the future?

We understand that this time-slot doesn’t suit everybody (and we will aim to open other sessions in the future!). Over weekends and during alternate weeknights, we often host large groups or classes which are held in the centre and this generally means there’s lots of noise and lots of people, which is not ideal for quiet hour. We’ve selected this time so we can relatively control the number of people/noise within the centre and hopefully, create a positive experience for everyone visiting us.


Do I need to wear grip socks?

Whilst we want your Supa experience to be the best one possible, we do have a strict set of rules that we adhere to for the safety of our visitors, this means that for people participating, grip socks must be worn at all times. All of our rules are in accordance with the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) and Australian Trampoline Parks Association standards and wearing grip socks is purely for the safety of every visitor.

We know that our grip socks can feel a little funny on your feet, so Supa Fans are welcome to wear another pair of socks under the grip socks for comfort.


Do I need to wear a wrist band?

Not if you don’t want to. During Quiet Hour, we don’t mind if you choose not to wear your wrist band, as we know it can be a little annoying.


Do I need to adhere to the park rules?

We’re totally open to accommodating you during this time, however, please take a second to check out our park rules, which include general safe play guidelines (such as jumping and performing within your abilities) and the ban of food being brought onto the premises (to protect our little friends with allergies). We’ll have Airguards around to remind you of any rules because your safety is paramount.

Our one exception during Quiet Hour is for the toddler area, generally we only allow those under 130cms to enter this area, however, we have found some visitors enjoy this area most during Quiet Hour because it is the quietest area, with little lighting and lots of fun things to look at. During Quiet Hour, anyone of any age or height is allowed to make their way through this playground, but we do ask parents to be vigilant of rough play.


Will there be any PA announcements?

During Quiet Hour, we will not include our regular PA announcements about commencement/conclusion times. Our airguards will have radios for emergencies but will minimise the use of these otherwise. The PA will only be used in the case of an emergency where evacuation is required. During 4pm sessions, Supaworld closes at 5pm, so we do ask that visitors remain vigilant of the time, an Airguard will swing by around 5pm and let you know – however we will remind any remaining visitors of our closure, via our PA system, at 5.15pm.

Quiet Hour will return to Supaworld Geelong shortly, stay tuned!

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Quiet Hour will return to Supaworld Wodonga shortly, stay tuned!

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Quiet Hour in Hobart runs on the first and third Monday of every month during the school term from 4pm-5pm. To secure your booking, we recommend jumping online to book prior to your arrival as our sessions are capped. To book your spot, simply click the button below and select the correct date on the booking page. Our upcoming Quiet Hour sessions in Hobart are:


3rd August

17th August

7th September

21st September

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Quiet Hour will return to Supaworld Keysborough shortly, stay tuned!

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