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Toddler Gymnastics Program

Move. Play. Dance. Learn.

Activate your little learner’s body and mind through our structured individual movement and group play program. Bouncing Bubs is designed for 2 to 5 year olds and builds on a range of movement and gymnastics skills in a safe, fun environment.

Classes are run casually, so there’s no need to enrol, but we recommend booking online as classes capped. 

Why do parents love Bouncing Bubs?

Suitable for children aged 2-5

Casual weekly classes

No enrolment needed 

50 minute classes

Stay and play free

Toddler Gymnastics
Toddler Gymnastics

Toddler Gymnastics Classes

Our Toddler Gymnastics classes are designed for pre-school aged children and have been structured to develop basic coordination and movement skills, balance and body awareness in a fun social environment. The class runs for around an hour, with each week being a different set of movement, activities and skills – and it’s heaps of fun for the little ones! Plus, you’ll also receive unlimited play on the day of your class.

See the class days, times and prices by selecting your location here. 

About Bouncing Bubs

The 9-week term-based program runs on a casual basis and is broken into three blocks; jumping, rolling and twisting. Each block is structured to build on the last, and to expose your child to ranges of movement designed to encourage learning and exploration through individual and group play. Activities undertaken are deliberately structured to challenge and develop children and based on their age and level of development.

Attend any session, any time you like!

Yes, because we know that toddlers can be unpredictable and things often pop up for busy families, we don’t require enrolment for you to attend the program! You can come to any session you’d like, as they’re run casually and always focus on a different set of skills and activities. We do recommend booking the program prior to your arrival as places are limited and once the session is full, we won’t take any more particpants. 

Toddler Gymnastics for Health

Activate your little learner’s body and mind through this structured individual movement and group play program. You instinctively know as a parent what research has proven – that free and social play is vital for your child’s development.

  1. To teach them to take turns, cooperate and share.
  2. To strengthen large muscles groups and to learn how their bodies work as they move through the learning space.
  3. For motor development resulting from the interaction between sensory perception and motor actions in increasingly complex and skilful behaviours.

If you are regularly on the lookout for new, active and social play environments for your child to learn and develop through individual and group play, then this is the program for you. Get together with like-minded parents to share the experience of activating your little learners’ bodies and minds in a safe and fun environment.

Research on Toddler Gymnastics

According to Gymnastics Australia, research has shown that children who have developed competency in fundamental movement skills are far more likely to participate in sport and recreation throughout their life and will have reduced obesity risk.

Gymnastics programs teach children fundamental movement skills which gives your little one an awareness of their body relative to their environment, helps them to control their movements and maintain and regain balance. Children need to learn these movement skills and practice them – they don’t just happen! So gymnastics programs allow little ones to build skills and general coordination that they need to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

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