Our Safety

Kids aren’t designed to think about safety.

But we are…

At Supaworld, we take safety very seriously. Our trampoline and climbing equipment is state of the art and our staff are highly trained and engaged in what they do. Our aim is to create the safest environment possible for you or your family and friends.

Below are some of the measures we are taking at Supa to ensure your experience with us, is fun and safe.

We do have some rules…

As well as adhering to national safety standards, we have a number of park rules that ensure that our visitors’ safety and enjoyment. Specific rules are placed at each activity around the park to ensure that each activity is utilised in a safe manner. Additionally, we have general rules of entry to ensure everyone has a good time!

We’re ATPA members. In fact, we’re founding members.

The ATPA (Australian Trampoline Parks Association) is a subgroup of AALARA (Australian Amusement Leisure And Recreation Association), the Australian body representing the amusement, leisure and recreation industries.

The ATPA was established in October 2013 to ensure there are sufficient safety measures in place to protect all guests. As an industry organisation, the ATPA sets standards for safe operating practices and procedures within trampoline parks nationally.

ATPA membership is subject to annual compliance with the industry standard, as independently audited by AM-SAFE.


World Class Equipment

We’ve diligently sourced the best suppliers from around the world to help us design and fit out our activities. We work with those suppliers and local installers to meet all ASTM standards for installation and to develop and implement processes and procedures in the park to ensure the ongoing maintenance, compliance and safety of that equipment.

We conduct daily visual inspections on all of our equipment and have a maintenance program for all equipment in the park.


Highly Trained & Engaged Staff

We’ve worked with each of our suppliers to ensure all of our staff are properly trained to lead our customer’s safety through their experience.

We have development programs in the park to ensure all of our staff have access to personal development in their roles.

Our staff are trained to be active and alert when on duty in the park.

Our staff will be friendly and engaged, but at the same time, are trained to take charge of any situation they need to when a customer’s safe experience is at risk.


First Aid

All of our Team Leaders are first aid trained, and drilled in dealing with incidents and injuries in the park diligently, timely and as trained.

We have a fully equipped first aid room on site if anything should go wrong, and management on duty to work through any issue that arises.


We Care

Simply put, we always put a safe and fun experience at the center of everything we do.