Hello Supaworld!

More than just a trampoline park…

When we opened our doors in Geelong in 2015, we couldn’t have imagined the journey that was to come. We started with a blank sheet of paper and a dream to create a venue that offered something for the whole family… We wanted to be more than just a trampoline park – so we opened the first centre of our kind, called Supatramp – with a wide variety of activities for visitors to enjoy… Not just trampolines… but rock climbing walls, dodgeball courts, playgrounds and more… a place guaranteed to provide Full-On Fun from start to finish!

But as we opened our second centre in Wodonga (2017) and a third in Hobart (2018), we worked meticulously on design and layout so that we could bring the latest and most innovative activities to each centre for families to enjoy… but we realised something just wasn’t quite right. People from far and wide would refer to us as a “trampoline park” and we found ourselves so often saying “but seriously, we’re SO much more!”

So as our business has evolved over the last 4 years, we’ve realised that ‘Supatramp’ really isn’t the best reflection of who we are… in fact, we offer a whole world of opportunities when it comes to fun! So it only seems only fitting that we call ourselves ‘Supaworld’ – right?

We know… at first it sounds a little different (as anything does when it’s new!) but we’re excited about our newest change and we just know it’s another step in the right direction for us as we continue this crazy adventure in business. So over the next few months, you’ll see things starts to change a little, with some new signage going up around our centres (and a new location in Keysborough too! Seriously!).

We know it’ll take you guys a little while to adjust… but rest assured that our business won’t really be too different, with the same bright colours, the same friendly faces and the same state-of-the-art activities – but a totally cool new name!

Goodbye Supatramp… Hello Supaworld! A whole world of fun awaits!