Health Benefits of Rock Climbing

Clip-on and climb away!

There are many reasons to love rock climbing…

It’s no secret that our climbing walls are a customer favourite! With a different challenge at every wall, there’s no doubt that rock climbing provides a total body workout, strengthening both your upper and lower body muscles. As well as being a SUPA fun pastime, rock climbing also allows you to increase your range of motion and flexibility.

But it’s not just beneficial for the big kids… whilst climbing is a great exercise for adults, all of that stretching, swinging, pulling and stepping allows children to gain better spatial awareness and develops their fine motor skills. Plus, since one of the most commonly held fears among children and adults alike is heights, rock climbing provides a safe, positive environment for those scared of heights to conquer their fears! Whether it’s for a new challenge, a full-body workout or to race a mate to the top, check out our Rock Climbing arenas at any of our locations here.